Matt Mitchell
aka The Casio Kid

Matt Mitchell describes himself as “a pure southern mash boogie comedian from Alabama with bare feet, mush-mouthed drawling and a mile-wide social streak.” He doesn’t know what that means, but he saw it on a Lynyrd Skynyrd bio and thought it sounded cool.

Matt got his start as the "Casio Kid" on the nationally syndicated Rick and Bubba radio show. After his hit reality tv show, "THE FATCHELOR" rocked the airwaves of the Turner South channel he put his radio career on hold and moved to Hollywood.

After entertaining the nation as an on-air correspondent for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he continued this rapid rise from small town class clown to nationwide fame. After many appearances in music videos, game shows and commercials on MTV, FOX and more…he started hitting the road as a stand-up comic.

His comedy is all over the road and is a hit with ALL audiences. From life as small town boy to his experiences in the bright lights of the big city and all the awkward situations in between, Matt Mitchell keeps audiences engaged with his likable personality, quick wit and charming chubbiness.

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